The future of regional news? – Tomorrow’s Journalists conference at Cardiff University

Clive Jones, chair of Netplay and Wales IP Fund, non-exec director of S4C, Future of Regional news, Tomorrow's Journalists conference, Cardiff University
Arwel Ellis Owen, chief executive S4C, future of regional journalism, Tomorrow's Journalists conference at Cardiff University
Alex Thomson, channel 4 news, Jeremy Hunt, culture secretary, future of regional news, Tomorrow's Journalists conference, Cardiff University @alextomo

Views from speakers at Tomorrow’s Journalists conference at Cardiff University on October 15.

In the morning, Pete Clifton (head of editorial development and multimedia journalism at the BBC), Peter Baron (director of communications for Google in the UK, Ireland and Benelux), and Nick Brett (deputy managing director for BBC Magazines) talked about ‘The Challenge of Convergence” between print, broadcast and online media.

Simon Lewis (former director of communications for Downing Street) was interviewed about his experiences at No.10 in the run up to the election, including how Gordon Brown considered disbanding the Lobby group, ‘bigotgate’, and angry calls to Rupert Murdoch following unfavourable articles in The Sun.

After lunch, Alun Edmunds (editor of the Western Mail and publishing director of Media Wales), Ron Jones (chair of Tinopolis), Clive Jones (chair of Netplay and Wales IP Fund, non-executive director of S4C) and Arwel Ellis Owen (chief executive of S4C) dicussed the troubled future of regional news, in particular the problems facing S4C as a result of imminent cuts to funding.

Rodney Pinder (director of the International News Safety Institute) introduced a joint project between INSI and Cardiff University to document murdered journalists around the world in order to be better prepared for journalistic safety.

The event ended with thoughts on “Tomorrow’s Journalists – Today” from Eileen Gallagher OBE (chief executive of Shed Productions), Simon Bucks (associate editor of Sky News) and recent Cardiff alumni Harriet Brett (senior editor of Grazia), Sally Rourke (ITV news) and Hannah Waldrum (Cardiff beat blogger for The Guardian).

Sessions were chaired by Alex Thomson (Channel 4 news) and Ben Brown (BBC news).